It's not "It is what it is" - It is what you make it

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, he has pulled himself up from humble beginnings to write his own success story. In addition to being a thriving businessman, Sherman is not afraid to use his voice as a motivational speaker. He’s also a life coach and generous philanthropist.

Sherman is what you might call a self-made man. He describes his upbringing as challenging. Bouncing from house to house as a kid, he dealt with the blows of poverty and having parents who suffered from addictions. While he was raised by both parents, his dad spent a lot of time incarcerated. He left high school in the ninth grade and also endured being shot in the mouth.

While the uphill battle he faced during his early life might have been enough to leave another soul defeated, Sherman took his lemons and made more than just lemonade. We would say he managed to grow his own dang lemon grove.

Despite not having a high school diploma or GED, he snuck into college to further his education. When his cover was blown, he was expelled—but he remained undeterred on his march toward success. Inspired by his uncle, Charles Edwards, and fueled by a desire to be better than his childhood surroundings, Sherman took to heart the advice of his mentors. He contributes much of his early success to a mentor who gave him free office space for a year.

After reading the book Mis-education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson, Sherman was inspired to go into business. Today, he is far from the poor kid he once was.

He now owns a roofing and construction company, real estate Investment Company, and several vacation homes that he operates as Airbnb Properties. How is that for a serious business portfolio?

In addition to his relentless ambition and unfettered perseverance (and the help of some significant supporters along the way), Sherman credits staying away from media for his ability to achieve success.

He also knows when to engage in some silent meditation. With his attention squarely on the horizon and not on TV, he has been able to achieve the American dream in Memphis.